Industrial Psychology



Industrial psychologists use
principals and methods to tackle
all issues faced in the workplace.
It is a tool used to improve
organizational settings, increase
workplace productivity and
working styles.

Process for IO Evaluation
/ Implementation:
Please keep in mind, this is a general scheme used
for most companies. A personalized, custom plan
is implemented for each case.
Step 1/6

During this time, we will have a
preliminary meeting where we discuss
the goals you have for your company.

Step 2/6
Collection of data for personal analysis

Moving forward, I’ll collect the necessary
data to formulate the best possible plan.
Moving forward.

Step 3/6
Presentation of plan and discussionof implementation

Presentation of the
plan with a detailed scheduled and
discussion of possible changes.

Step 4/6

I “insert” myself in your company
and start working with your staff and
respective departments.

Step 5/6
Short-term evaluation

Depending on the agreed upon
timetable, a 3 month evaluation takes
place to adjust possible changes.

Step 6/6
Long-term evaluation

Examining the success of the
intervention plan and discussing possible
needs and changes.

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