Online Counseling



Online counseling is known to be just as effective as face-to-face contact. Due to our ever-growing schedules, time is always a determining factor in regards to setting up an appointment. Online therapy gives individuals the opportunity to access my services through a laptop or a smartphone, without adding the pressure of time to reach each appointment.

Process for Online
These steps are suggestive, depending on each
situation a different plan can be formulated.
Step 1/6
Introductory appointment

Introductory appointment: A 20-minute
discussion to familiarize yourself with
the process and the details of online
counseling. Scheduling of appointment.

Step 2/6
General Discussion

First appointment with general
discussion to get a more detailed view
of how the process unfolds.

Step 3/6
Established procedure

Weekly, schedules meeting for discussion and breakdown of content. 

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