The evening habits I want to change

Have you ever wondered how much your day is affected by what you do before bed? Imagine falling into bed and a storm of thoughts arises, either with things you achieved that specific day orthings you want to achieve the next. What else do you usually do before going to bed?

  • Spending time on a cell phone while browsing through social media.
  • Reading some news-possibly sad that definitely affects your mood.
  • Checking work emails in hopes of easing the workload for the next day.
  • Perhaps all of this is happening while snacking in bed which you don’t usually do

Even if all of this does not happen at the same time, the combination of it all is definitely not the best. In-depth research shows how harmful cell phone use is before bed and in the sleeping area all-together. Starting from our eyesight, to our psychosynthesis, the night “walks” on the Internet do not calm us down before bed. Leaving the phone or device away from the bed automatically prevents you from checking notifications and messages as soon as your eyes open in the morning. Before moving on to the suggested habits, it would be good to evaluate the space in which you sleep in and try to create a stress free zone. It is important to fall into bed without external factors that stress us out.

So let’s see what habits would beneficial to adopt.

  1. Reduce or even eliminate endless scrolling.

That means putting all electronic devices aside and enjoyingyour time in other ways. For some, this may mean that cell phones and tablets stay out of the room or away from bed before sleeping.

  1. Keep a diary of gratitude.

A beautiful solution for when you want to fight recurring pessimism is to think about the positives of life. Every night before going to bed, take a few minutes to record what you are happy to have in your life. Still, it is possible to capture a beautiful moment of your day that hopefully will be repeated.

  1. Read a favorite book

A book can relax you, help calm your thoughts and open your horizons to something new.

  1. Try meditation

Even if you are not experts in this field, certainly you have heard some things about the positive aura that accompanies meditation. Essentially, try to “calm down” your thoughts, understand where they come from and help clear your minds from negative thoughts.

  1. Incorporate music into your bedtime routine.

Although it is ideal to avoid electronic devices, thanks to Bluetooth you can have a speaker near the bed without needing for phone. Create a playlist or even find one on the Internet, which along with meditation, will manage to calm your mind and body.

  1. Prepare your things for the next day.

Maybe this reminds you of the school days when your parents recommended packing your clothes and bag for the next day. The truth is that knowing you have already arranged these things can help you sleep more peacefully and gain a few more minutes of sleep in the morning.

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