Frequently Asked Questions

Who we are

Founder and CEO of mindshift, Asimina Efkarpides is a trained industrial psychologist with experience in both personal and organizational psychology. Alongside a selected team of psychologists and consultants, mindshift is capable of adapting to any given situation.

What we do

Whether we are working alongside a company or an individual, the ultimate goal is to overcome the issue at hand and create a successful, operating environment. By collecting information and diligent research, each plan formulated targets your needs.

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Industrial Psychology

I have a small company facing a few issues, how will I know mindshift is the right fit for me?

When deciding to contact us in regards to issues you might be facing, we will ask a set of questions to gather more information. This information will help us determine the best approach for your company. We will present the course of action to you and jointly decide to move forward.

What are the benefits of practicing and implementing the knowledge of industrial psychology?

Each course of action is designed to meet your specific needs. By implementing the plan discussed, your company will meet the standards you have set for it. The knowledge gained throughout our collaboration can be used long-term for any issue your company might face.

Online Counseling

I am interested in online therapy/counseling, however I’ve never tried it before. How does it work?
Online therapy or counseling is done via any Internet based device. Depending on each person’s personal preference, a camera can be used during each session. Upon initial contact we set a date, time and preferred contact method. This way, an appointment is booked with all questions answered beforehand.
What are the benefits of online therapy/counseling?

Scheduling sessions online offer numerous benefits. Indicatively, it is a good option for those who are unable to commute to an office due to physical limitations or lack of time. Depending on each person’s location, which can vary from time to time, a session can be booked and completed simply by the use of a smartphone. Online counseling is designed to meet your convenience and availability.

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