Panic attacks in our everyday life.

How often do we hear the term panic attack? Surely, it’s not pleasant especially if we’re not aware of the basics of it. A panic attack is a sudden episode of immense fear that ignites harsh bodily reactions while in reality we’re are not in an immediate threat.

The first thing we should think of in situations like this is that we are not in danger. The three most common symptoms are: increased pulse rate, sweat and tremor. Once we realize right away that it is not in fact a health issue, we practice the following steps: begin to take deep breaths and slowly start to move our body in order to feel we are in control.

Furthermore, we splash some water on our faces. It is crucial to avoid drastic and abrupt movements. Keep in mind that you have control of your body and mind. If these attacks are of a common occurrence and affect your daily life, consider speaking to a specialist. Throughout constructive discussion, we find what ignites the episode alongside an immediate treatment and resolution.

Have you ever experienced this phenomenon? How often does it happen and which treatment works best for you?

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