What should your inner voice tell you

We all have an inner voice. Sometimes we ignore it yet other times we religiously follow it because we feel that it’s our subconscious guiding us. This voice has many forms and ups and downs in our mood. It can be calm and rational; harsh and critical and many times scared and abrupt. The inner voice is driven by us and our feelings. Essentially it is guided by our own thoughts and decisions. Whether they’re conscious or not, this is how our inner voice draws information and we make the ultimate decision of choosing to listen to it or ignore it. This voice can lead us to important decisions that turned out to be the right ones, but it can also confuse us more which will eventually lead us down a path that doesn’t suit us. Now that we understand the power and importance of the inner voice, let’s discuss five things we want to hear from it.

  1. You’re doing the best you can

In every action we perform, every thought we try to make reality, we’re giving it our best. Even if the process does not proceed in the desired pace and way, it is important to remind ourselves that we’re doing the best we can. This doesn’t mean we stay idle and wait for things to happen on their own. It means we’re trusting ourselves and we have confidence in our abilities.

  1. Don’t chase perfection

The concept of perfection is a myth. Chasing a perfect result might end up disappointing you. There is no reason for everything to be perfect. Our inner voice can confirm that it is important for us to be happy and satisfied with the outcome of any given situation. Of course things often have room for improvement but this can serve as an inspiration rather than pressure for a perfect outcome. After all, perfection has a different meaning to each person.

  1. You are enough

Starting the process of comparison with others around us, results in us allowing the space for whispers of doubt to nest inside us. We set our own goals and look to achieve our own desires in life. Especially now, in the age of the spotlight, it’s easier to believe that we don’t do enough in comparison to others. It’s essential to remind ourselves that we are good enough and whatever we choose to do is to feel good about ourselves, not do more than those around us.

  1. Take your time

We try to plan everything around us to the point of perfection. How often do we achieve it? Of course there is a timetable provided from work or our social obligations, but it doesn’t need to exist in everything we do for personal satisfaction and improvement. When it comes to activities of our choice, the ideal would be to spend as much time as desired and needed. Let’s listen to our voice that encourages us to take time, feel more comfortable and to feel secure in what we do. The outcome will make you proud.

  1. Thank yourself for everything you do

Thank yourself for the care, love and devotion you show. Even if we don’t often feel that we’re doing everything for ourselves or if we feel that we don’t meet all our needs, we need to hear “thank you”. We appreciate it more when we hear it from our inner voice but it is equally important to say it out loud to ourselves. We shouldn’t expect to hear it from others. If anything, it has more power when it comes from ourselves.

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